Three Reasons Homeowners Choose Protection 1

 Protection 1 has long been one of the leading home security companies in the nation and for more than 15 years now we have been top contenders as the providers of the best Las Vegas home alarm system. Family riding bicycles togetherFrom our customers we receive a 95.5% satisfaction rate and consider that a badge of honor. So what makes us different from other security companies? We believe there are certain grounds that a professional security company must cover if they want to claim leadership in the security industry.

  • First they need to have the leading equipment and highly trained technicians to make a practical security system run.
  • Secondly they need to guarantee their systems will provide the protection their customers need at prices their customers can afford.
  • Finally through the years they will continue to innovate and maintain their relationship with the industry and their customers.

How do we live up to these three points? By the same 3 reasons homeowners choose Protection 1 for their home alarms.

Reason 1- Professional Installation Technicians

The Protection 1 team is made up of only the best technicians and analysts in the industry. The same goes for our front line warriors- the installation techs! Each and every installation performed for a Protection 1 customer is handled by a highly trained security professional who understands everything about fitting your home with high-grade security equipment. These technicians have been trained in all the elements of our systems and installation into your home. Additionally they are trained to understand the codes and regulations that must be adhered to in the Las Vegas community.

Our technicians are uniquely qualified for this task. Each has had their extensive background check performed before being hired including dipping into their DMV records, their education records, a 14 agency fingerprint test, state and federal records and an employment history check. We do not send out technicians unless we are 100% certain they are trustworthy. Additionally Protection 1 sends along an accompanying email with a picture of the technician to ensure ultimate protection for our clients.

Reason 2- Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

Our security hardware and equipment is manufactured by the industry leader Honeywell a Fortune 100 company. Each and every piece installed is fully guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.  All our alarm systems are quality wireless systems that do not require a landline of any kind. Additionally each alarm system can be connected directly to the homeowner’s cellular device. This provision separates us from all other companies that still use landlines and hardwired systems. We provide to our customers the ability to monitor and even control their security systems personally whether at home or abroad utilizing mobile control.

Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace 121198339This equipment can be installed for the most affordable prices possible. Each and every home installation is customized to the unique needs of that home. Additionally with latest developments in technology and continuing digitalization, our software allows for integration of a full home automation system. These enhancements receive a high satisfaction from many homeowners.

Reason 3- 5 Triple Redundant National Monitoring Hubs

Homeowners receive 24 hour monitoring for their home 7 days a week 365 days a year. This is a guarantee! Unlike every other security company in the nation Protection 1 has the only triple redundant monitoring system based off of 5 nationally diverse hubs.

Triple redundancy works in this fashion:

  1. The PRIMARY SERVER: An alarm is first routed through the primary server. This server is a UL listed monitoring facility where professional technicians monitor FM approved signals. These servers are powered by an uninterruptible power source and back up generators making a power crash nearly impossible.
  2. The ONSITE BACK UP SYSTEM: Every monitoring location contains an additional back-up system through which the signal is routed just in case the primary server doesn’t register.
  3. Our DISASTER RECOVERY CENTER: If the primary server fails, and the back up system fails due to severe disasters in the area of the main center then the alarm will go to the disaster recovery center. Even when our monitoring centers are threatened by serious disaster we’ll make sure that the alarm is noted and emergency responders are dispatched.

Complete Satisfaction

For each and every homeowner looking for a quality Las Vegas home alarm system we’re confident that our technicians, high-grade equipment and affordable prices, as well as our 24/7/365 monitoring will bring the greatest peace of mind and complete satisfaction. Let us call you today!