Essential Home Security Tips

Did you know that home burglary accounts for 20% of ALL property crimes in the US? Did you know that forced entry is now 60% of all burglary and home invasion (meaning a break-in while residents are at home) is on the rise?! Burglary is devastating, but for more than just reasons of monetary damage done. Most homeowners who have been burglarized find tremendous emotional damage is also done, as they struggle with the feelings of vulnerability. med235045

Nearly every homeowner agrees that security is a large part of the emotional connection to a home, protection against the world. For this reason it has been the mission of our team at Protection 1 to provide that dauntless security, that peace of mind that your home is preserved against threat. Still just having a security system is not enough. Homeowners make many mistakes, forgetting to turn on their security system being high among them. Here are some of the essential home security tips that we believe will increase your security against intruders beyond what a quality home security system can do.

Discourage Them

One of the most fundamental elements of protecting your home against burglar intrusion is actually to deter them from selecting your home as a target. Thieves are going to begin their attack on a home based upon it’s appearance as a defense that can be easily breached. Don’t send of the vibes of an oblivious homeowner. Instead, send the message that you are PAYING ATTENTION. This is done like so:

  • Keep your property clean and well maintained. You’d be surprised how much a freshly cut lawn free of toys and tools communicates that you have marked your territory.
  • Keep exterior lighting on your home well maintained. Don’t let lights burn out. And eliminate any darkened corners.
  • Keep foliage down beneath windows and away from entryways, allow for a clear line of sight from the home to the street.

Care For Physical Security

Your physical security is the proverbial frontlines in the war against intruders. It is important to keep your physical security well maintained. Physical security includes deadbolts, window locks, garage doors, etc.

  • Keep windows and doors well fitted in their openings.
  • Deadbolt locks should be firmly affixed in the door. Many burglars can undo a door latch with a credit card, but this isn’t possible with a deadbolt.
  • Get holes in screen doors and window covers fixed promptly. Holes in screens communicate disrepair.
  • Make sure all window locks actually lock.

Practice Wise Habits

Mother and son beside door 86496673The final tip for your security is to practice smart security habits. These habits should be enforced when you are home AND when you are away from the house- especially on vacation.

  • Cancel the mail if you plan to leave for multiple days, or make sure you have someone visiting the house and bringing in the mail.
  • Keep the home occupied. If you are gone put lights on timers and the television on so that the house will not be empty and vulnerable.
  • Never leave notes telling people you are away from the home.
  • Never leave the door unlocked.
  • Always turn on your security system.

Finally remember that a good security system is irreplaceable in your defense against crooks and home disasters. Allow Protection 1 to be your provider of high quality home security. Let us call you today to talk about a customized security plan for your home.