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Las Vegas Home Security System

White contemporary house exterior 177102515Las Vegas has long been home to millions of happy hardworking citizens who enjoy the pulse of life in the bustling metropolis. Problematically living in Las Vegas requires that you accept certain less pleasant conditions: the heat, the traffic and the crime.  While we can’t do much about the heat or the traffic, here at Protection 1 we have the leading solution for crime- a 100% customizable Las Vegas home security system.

How We Do Business

Protection 1 is the second largest home security provider in the nation! We have carefully crafted our services since 1988 focusing on supplying the most flexible plans and resilient security systems ever. To ensure true protection for each and every home under our care we have accomplished two great feats:

  1. Established personable and professional policies under which each and every interaction is conducted. Thus ensuring our customers that they have the help they need at their direct disposal.
  2. Remaining to this day the only company that can claim five redundant 24 hour monitoring hubs maintained across the nation. Homeowners under our watch know that our highly trained team is never off-line.

While we possess this grand national status and can guarantee every homeowner the quality of a high-powered well oiled home security machine, we invest our time into each community we service making sure that we conduct our business as a local presence. For our Las Vegas homeowners we know that understanding the unique climate of this community is just as important as having high-powered equipment. So our local offices staff reliable and highly trained technicians and team members who will guarantee fantastic customer service and care.

Our Customizable Plans

Project 113629983At Protection 1 we do business differently than other security companies, which means we also sell our services differently than anyone else. When a homeowner looking for a great Las Vegas home security system comes to us we intend to make their experience completely unique. This is why our P1 home security packages are guaranteed to fit the needs of each and every home no matter what they are. On top of that every P1 package comes with certain services that are universal for our customers. These include the following:

  • 24/7 Professional UL listed monitoring
  • Installation by background certified, licensed technicians
  • 100% digital wireless systems
  • Two-way voice communication

Las Vegas Home Security is Important

This town is flooded with people year round, with the good, the bad, and the crazies there’s a need for care.  Every business on the strip and around this metropolis ensures safety by lining street corners, lobbies, elevators, hallways and every public area with cameras, while additionally monitoring private commodities. Here at Protection 1 we agree that this is a wise precaution to take. The greatest commodity is safety at home and we do our best to provide that to each and every home we’re in. From our wireless systems, to our digital controls we want to ensure that the power of preventative protection is placed in the hands of the homeowner.  As it always goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.