The Benefits of Great Home Security from Protection 1

Because you’re at a home security site, chances are you’ve already been thinking about the importance of good security for your home. It’s a sad truth of life that no home really comes with security built in. Infrared motion sensor 466282673This is because every home relies upon its owners to make sure that it is maintained properly and that good security habits are kept, many people don’t lock doors or windows. But, in addition to good habits there’s just no two ways around it, the homes that have great security systems are 300% more likely to be protected from invasion.

What are some of the other benefits you get from having excellent home security? What can Protection 1 offer you that no one else can? Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you decide to purchase a customized security system from Protection 1:

·        Professional Service:

There is nothing quite as helpful and reassuring as a professional hand to guide you through handling a home security system. Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians will make sure that your system is installed properly, and will return to perform any maintenance, replacement, or repairs. In addition we have professional customer service reps to help explain anything you might not understand about your contract with us. Additionally with professional monitoring going 24 hours a day you don’t have to worry about who’s watching over the house, you can count on professionals you can trust.

·        24/7/365 Monitoring

We already mentioned that our system is monitored at all times by trained professionals, but here’s the facts: our system is monitored by a triple redundant security server monitored 24/7/365 by professionals from 5 different hubs around the US. Unlike some small local security companies, our Las Vegas home security experts are backed up by our national system and we’ll never be to busy to keep an eye out. If an alarm of any kind crosses our radar you can count on us to immediately notify local emergency responders.

·        Immediate Response Priority

It has long been our priority to make sure that our customers have our immediate attention! We want you to know that you will never be placed upon the back burner. Our concern has lead to great relationships with our customers and a customer satisfaction rating of 95%.

·        Long Term Savings

Save home and money concept 186331067Priority 1 is dedicated to helping our customers receive the very best in home security without taking a serious hit for it. We want to make sure that our dealings are fair. You can count on our prices to be astonishingly affordable, and our security packages to be 100% customizable. On top of savings you get from choosing our services, you’ll save more money investing in home security because your insurance company will thank you! With a nationally ranked and fully certified security company like Protection 1 nearly ALL insurance companies will provide a discount on your premium, which might be up to 20% off!


Home security shouldn’t be a service you avoid. Protection 1 has been providing the assurance of great safety for over 25 years and we want to see you enjoy the peace of mind and all the benefits that accompany having a great security system.