Security = Complete Peace Of Mind

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Las Vegas Wireless Home Security Systems

What do you consider great home security? A touch screen device mounted on the wall and connected to a few motion detection appliances around the house? Maybe a camera or two? Have you ever considered that you deserve more than this? Have you ever considered complete home security and disaster prevention because as far as we are concerned here at Protection 1 we believe you should expect the very best! This means that the protection you deserve in your home is much more than a few pieces mounted through your home. It’s preventative protection and security against any disaster that might occur brought to you in the highest quality appliances possible. Beyond motion detection you should have fire detection, disaster prevention, home automation, cameras, remote security access and more. You deserve the best among all the Las Vegas wireless home security systems out there and Protection 1 is ready to bring that to you.

Fire Detection- Life Safety Sensors

Here at Protection 1 we believe that every home should be monitored against all life and property threatening events. This is why we provide appliances that we call “Life Safety Sensors”. Our Life Safety Sensors are completely wireless detectors some made to detect fires and others to detect CO2. These important devices are monitored by our professional technicians 24/7 and have outperformed all hardwired devices on the market.

Environmental Hazards

Some of the worst disasters that happen have been completely out of your control- until now! Protection 1 equipment can provide you with the tools to monitor your home for temperatures of concern whether hot or cold and to protect against water damages. This means that you can program your home to maintain temperatures that will protect against freezing pipes or overheating a pet you leave indoors. The water alarms can monitor and warn you in case of flooding in your home.

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Of course our every system includes complete intrusion detection. With our technicians monitoring against break-ins and intruders 24 hours a day you can be sure that you’re home is protected while you’re there and while you’re away. This is significantly important as burglars are getting braver and of the reported incidents over 60% now are forced entry.

Visual Monitoring

Too many homeowners settle for a few small motion detectors when Protection 1 can provide so much more. Our visual monitoring systems are fully supported by mountable cameras that are easily controlled by wireless remote technology. With our cameras in your home you can actually check in when you’re out and about and make sure that the right people can get home and inside safely. While we monitor for intruders.

Remote Security

As previously mentioned, our monitoring systems are fully supported over wireless technology and can be monitored and controlled not only by our technicians, but also by YOU! With software that is compatible to either android or apple you can easily maintain full control over your home even from a distance. Remote security access allows for an even higher level of peace of mind and protection against interlopers.

Home Automation

All these pieces can be installed and strung together to create a solid system of complete home automation! Home automation was once considered a dream of the space age, but now it’s a functional and homeowner friendly system that allows you to monitor everything while living your busy life and enjoying successes outside the home.

Multigenerational family in kitchen 83590572Here at Protection 1 we really believe that the best security should bring you true peace of mind. No more worrying about what’s going on beyond your ability to control and monitor your own home. With our technology and assistance you can be the master of your disaster prevention and family’s security. Talk to our professional customer service representatives today to find out how you can get the best of Las Vegas wireless home security systems installed in your home.